Monday, July 30, 2007

Close Encounters of the Throw Up Kind!

Well, it finally happened. Bean got the stomach virus. She was just miserable this weekend and I just felt awful that she was sick. She woke up on Saturday after nap saying her lip hurt. This is Bean's universal sign that she is sick as every time she feels bad - her "lip hurts." She got up - then threw up. We were concerned as she was hot and managed to get some Tylenol to stay down. The problem was that we were due for dinner with friends who are having a documentary filmed about them. Yes - you read right - filmed. We did not want to let them down as this has been planned for months. So we pushed on as Bean started to bounce back within the hour and insisted she wanted to see Emma for dinner. We met the film crew and off to dinner.

Now if you have never had dinner with a film crew, producer and director following you around, well let me just say you are missing out. People everywhere stopped and asked us what was going on. It was kinda like being movie starts. Bean had to go potty and the people in the bathroom asked us if we were professional actors. HA! Now that is funny.
We had to re-do some of the scenes for filming purposes. I think we said Grace like 4 or 5 times. The kids were so well behaved, the directors were just so impressed (and yes the well behaved part is on film).

Dinner went well for the most part. Just towards the end, I noticed Bean started to get quiet - which for anyone that knows her - knows that something is not right in Bean land. She still wanted to go play outside, so we tried and then quickly turned around as she started to get sick again. Thankfully we were near bushes. She was such a trooper.....nobody would have known she was sick until the very end of our dinner. Thankfully filming was done so were able to leave.
After a long car ride home - we got cleaned up and Bean slept with Mommy. She had a fever that approached 105 and was just not able to sleep well. Thankfully - she fell asleep around 6:00 a.m. again and napped on and off Sunday.

Just as a precaution , we went to the Dr. and it looks like she just had the virus. She is moving and grooving already. Her fever seems to be gone, and we are so happy that she is better. As a parent, you just ache when your child is sick. It is heart wrenching and hard to watch them feel so bad.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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