Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Horse Pills - I tell you!

Why do prenatal vitamins look like horse pills? I mean babies are not born anywhere near the size of horses right....can't the pills be smaller - Seriously!

I started taking my first sample pack to find the ones I like. I started with the pretty package and the purple pills (purple is my favorite color). Logical analysis right? I mean I could Google prenatal vitamins and make a spreadsheet - which is what my analytical side really wants to do - but I am just trying to keep it simple.

So far they have not made me nauseous which is good. Only three more samples to try once I finish this sample pack!

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crayonmommy said...

I personally like the Citrical ones with the DHA supplement. They are not offensive smelling or tasting, and they are pretty small and have a stool softener in them. VERY IMPORTANT! TRUST ME! :) They are prescription ones, but I really like them. :) So exciting to hear you are taking prenatals! :)