Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is is Grocery Ad Day!

Yeah - Wednesday. I love running through all the ad's to see check out the good deals this week. It is such a thrill to save money with deals and coupons at the store. It is hard to believe just two years ago - I dreaded the grocery store like the plague. In fact, I often told Roon that grocery shopping was the only shopping I did not like.
Well no more people - I love it now! How much to you aim to save at the store each week? My personal goal is 75%, but I am happy with 50%. I try to buy items in bulk when I know they are the best price. For example, last week had 93% ff hamburger meat for a great price. I bought eight packages and vacuum sealed them in pound and half pound packages for freezing. Roon was emptying the bags and says "I am glad we are not vegetarian's!" Ha we are not, but let's face it meat is expensive.
How do yall save money?
Here are some of my tips.
  • Utilize the Internet for frugal message boards and coupon sites
  • Try - (please use me for your referral ;) It is only a $1.00 for the trial period and I think you will be pleased
  • Check out She has a fabulous virtual coupon organizer and a grocery deal by state section.
  • Don't forget about CVS, Walgreens and SuperTarget - there are wonderful deals at these stores all the time. SuperTarget has coupons on their website which make for some amazing deals.

Do you want to save money with me? Come on you know you want to!

Have a blessed day!

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crayonmommy said...

how bout I just hire you to report to me weekly on where to shop and which coupons to cut out from certain publications. hmmm.. you should start a business for lazy people. I'd be your first customer.