Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"We were like strangers who knew each other very well."

I watched the movie Big Fish last weekend (of course we rented it from the library for free). I really liked this movie, although it was very visually stimulating.
Anyhoo - this quote from the son of the main character struck a chord with me. Why is it that sometimes we hold back from our family and friends, trying to be guarded or be the "perfect person?" I dunno - just made me think that being open and real with those you hold dear is truth.
Like the timeless song says "love the ones your with." Now go show someone you care about them and don't be a stranger.
Your friend,


emmasmomma said...

I agree...we need to stop worrying so much about what everyone will think and just be real!!

Cindi said...

Hey, : ) I love that movie! And well said. We do need to be real. Hope I am with you and you have the right to tell me when you think I'm not! Love you, my friend!

crayonmommy said...

I loved the movie BIG FISH. I thought it was a great story. And like you said, visually very cool. It really made me think the same things, how we can open up to people who are brought into our lives, but its hard to be completely open with the ones who have known you from very early on, or who are your own blood. I can't get why its so hard. Good blog.