Monday, July 16, 2007

When good customer service happens to good people!

I remember when good customer service was just expected, no matter where you went or who you were. Oh the Good Ole Days. These days you almost have to demand it. Gee how about an apology, since I drove all the way back up here with your food that I bought yesterday that had an expiration date of a year ago! But I digress, let's focus on the positive.

We went to On the Boarder (love their food) yesterday. We ordered and our food came and my steak salad greeted me with "MOO!!". Even the waitress, looked a bit scared. She sent it back to be re-made. The manager comes over and asks how we are doing, tell him about my salad, he says you must have ordered the steak salad. Yep - then he runs off and says - I am going to find out about your salad. He comes back with salad in hand and says, Miss, your salad is on me today for your wait. WOW! I love free, but I love genuine heart felt customer service just as much.
Gee- one Mexican food place I ate at once did not want to even acknowledge the fact I almost ate a rock (did chew it - ouch) that they had cooked in my beans!

Anyways, Shout Out for good customer service at On the Boarder! Now I need to do my survey and tell them how much I appreciate it!
Have a great day!

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Cindi said...

How cool!!! I love good customer service - especially when it's not demanded. : ) We loved eating there last week too! Our Guacamole Live wasn't stirred up well enough, but I was able to fix that pretty quickly. Our server was wonderful! Glad you had a good experience. : )