Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I hit the 30 pound weight loss mark!

I have been following the Weight Watcher Point program since Labor Day of 2006. I have now lost 30.3 pounds and am hoping to lose another 10-12 pounds before the year mark. I am approaching a normal BMI. I started off obese and am now in the overweight category.
I think the key to losing weight for me are these things.:
  • Exercise (I work out at the gym and am doing water walking and water aerobics in the summer)
  • Not depriving myself of the foods I love
  • Keeping a food journal
  • Taking a "break" every 8 weeks or so from point counting
  • Talking to friends who are losing weight too...you need the support system.

Anyhoo - I am so excited and can't wait to get to the normal range!


emmasmomma said...

Comgratulations!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

Karena said...

Way to go Steph! I just got my internet hooked up today so have not been able to correspond easily since leaving the hotel. Hope to catch up soon. Love, Karena

crayonmommy said...

that is AWESOME! I am so proud of you. Heaven knows how hard it is to lose weight, and especially with a young child! You are an inspiration to me! I think I want to do Weight Watchers after the new baby is born! WOO HOO! Go SAM!