Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What a google world we live in!

On Sunday, Roon decided to "google" the bug bite Bean had on her knee. Needless to say the results were quite varied and frankly scared the tar out of us. Of course the bug bite happened over the weekend, so access to the Dr. had to wait. So we fretted at the possibilities which ranged from mosquito to tick...and of course by Monday, the bite and swelling were all but gone. So even though, I HEART Google - next time, we will try not to run at the medical diagnoses via the Internet.


crayonmommy said...

see- think google can be good, but considering your genetic make up and the factors in which you grew up, I don't think that google and the information it provides can do anything but make you worry more.

but, glad the bean is ok. hmm... maybe I want a blog.

Cindi said...

I completely understand the whole Google thing! I killed a spider in my kitchen yesterday (why do they keep coming in????) and Googled it. Didn't ID it though. Just know that it wasn't majorly poisonous... Glad Bean is okay too. : )