Friday, July 27, 2007

Is there anything you do to be frugal?

I am learning all sorts of new things about being frugal. Here are some of the latest:
  • Get free magazines and blockbuster rentals from coke by entering their reward codes (if you don't want yours give them to me...hahaha)
  • DVD's at our library (I think I mentioned that ours is online and you can request movies and they call you when they are ready for you - so cool and free)
  • Signing Bean up for kid's clubs at the mall and favorite shopping spots - we get all kinds of goodies and coupons
  • Freezing leftovers when I make a big batch of something yummy
  • Using coupons everywhere (I heart coupons and if you don't you should)

I have a lot more to learn in being frugal so let me know your tips!

1 comment:

MereB said...

I love your blog and am totally impressed with the weight loss. (I started working out a month ago, a ton more muscle tone but somehow no real pound lossage.) My favorite frugal tip is using I search the forums for promo codes before I buy anything online. They have great info on CVS too. Keep up the blog, I look forward to reading more.